Posted by: A Shining Knight | October 5, 2018

Who’s Your Grandma?

The Buca di Beppo shoot filmed in June… in Las Vegas.  It was 115 degrees outside, and those of us in the cast were shining brightly in our Christmas sweaters.  Ahhhh… the glamorous life!

Christmas Sweater.jpg

I was cast as “Grandma.”  Friends asked me how I could possibly be okay with that.  Uhhhh… why?  I’m old enough to be a grandma and I have silver hair – the jig is up!  What difference does it make if my character is called Grandma, Sophie, Lady #9 or Old Geezerette?  Heck, if you’re a casting director, you’re committed to diversity and inclusion casting, and you think I’d be perfect as “Young Black Male,” that’s cool with me, too!  Call me whatever you want – just cast me and pay me for the gig!


Need something?  A.S.K.!


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