Posted by: cruiselladeliz | July 22, 2008

If it’s Tuesday it must be…

If it’s Tuesday it must be one of my last days working for a Federal government agency…oh, how I wish it were Belgium!  Government travel is not Leisure travel, that’s for sure!  During the 5 years I’ve been a consultant to the government I’ve prided myself in not succumbing to the Federal “gray, navy, black” options for workclothes, and have made a point to wear quite the festive attire at every agency I’ve been assigned (I even did brown fishnets at a vendor meeting once — just because I could).  What happens?…yesterday I received the packing list of all the items I need to have with me on the ship, and I was told Navy is the color I must wear as often as possible.  What?!  And…khakis!  I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of khakis in my life.  Yikes!  So there I was last night, surfing the Internet like a fiend trying to find khakis to fit my well-rounded derriere (no I will not say fat ass!), thick thighs and protruding gut — and hoping to find some that might actually look good on me (does anybody really look good in khakis?).  With all my fabulous dresses and colorful clothing, I’ll be cruising the world in Navy blue and khaki.  Whoduhthunkit?!  Ah, well… 

And now you know a huge priority in my life — my wardrobe.  Perhaps tomorrow we’ll discuss make-up and hair color.  Uhhhh…perhaps not…

Happy trails, kids!

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