Posted by: A Shining Knight | January 26, 2017

Positive Body Image

Sunday I was contacted by a photographer, asking if I’d be interested in collaborating with him on a positive body image project. As a woman who has fought and struggled her entire life for acceptance, particularly for body image acceptance, I was obviously intrigued. I’m the Acceptance Advocate; of course I’d be interested!

I did some quick Internet research, comparing website addresses and contact information, making sure this message truly was from world-renowned photographer Matt Granger. Yep, everything checked out, so I responded:

“Your work is beautiful, and I am definitely interested in supporting positive body images.”

Matt then sent me the details of the project, in which he very clearly noted this would include full-body nudity – my full-body nudity – and it would be “real.”


Let’s walk through this together, shall we? For this project I would be completely naked, and there would be no Photoshop, Spanx, waist cincher, support hose, push-up pads, flowing chiffon, fig leaf, diffusion filter or smoke & mirrors; no stylized showgirl poses; just me – raw – with every dimple, wrinkle, sag, droop, flaw and imperfection for the world to see.


I’ve never even posed topless before (and I live in Las Vegas!) let alone considered doing full-body nudity.

I looked in the proverbial mirror at the same time I looked in the actual mirror: So tell me, Miss Acceptance-Advocate, Miss I-Want-To-Be-An-Inspiration-To-Others, Miss Talk-The-Talk…can you be Miss Brave, Miss Shoot-the-Pic, Miss Walk-the-Walk?


“Making a positive statement about body image for all is a significant issue for me. To be honest, you’ll be my first nude shoot, so this is a big step for me (particularly shooting as myself and not a character), yet I think this is an important cause so I’m very excited to take this brave step.”

Yesterday I met Matt and we did the shoot. Matt was incredibly professional, honest and supportive. It could not have been easier and I could not have been more comfortable. The entire process took less than 40 minutes, yet for the rest of my life I will be able to say without any hesitation, yes, I am Strong; yes, I am Brave; and yes, I am Beautiful!

Thank you, Matt Granger, for a tremendous experience!


#PositiveBodyImage #Brave #Acceptance #AcceptanceAdvocate #Grateful

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