Posted by: cruiselladeliz | August 1, 2008

Rudy is a traveler!

Rudy, like his mommy, is a traveler!  Yesterday I left the government arena (more on that later…maybe) and set out with Rudy The Travelin’ Cat for California.  As noted in a previous post, Rudy is 20.5 years old, and as of this Saturday will be living with his new foster mommy, my sister Cynthia, in Camarillo (no cats allowed on cruise ships).  There was concern by many that he wouldn’t take well to a 5+ hour flight, even in a pressurized cabin, and might decide that, being so close to heaven anyway, it was time to check into the big kitty liter pan in the sky.  HA!  What were were thinkin’?  This is Rudy The Travelin’ Cat! 

Getting to the airport and going through security was no big whoop.  But…he was in his pet carrier that he’s had his entire life, so it’s big, bulky, hard-sided, and…yikes!…wouldn’t fit under the seat.  Now I will tell you I’d tried for two weeks to find a Sherpa bag for him in an Extra-Small, which is the only size that will fit under the JetBlue seats, but couldn’t find one — online or in the stores.  I figured if his carrier really wouldn’t fit under the seat I’d be told that for the flight I needed to buy some fold-up cardboard piece of junk or, a better alternative, secure his carrier into the middle seat with the seatbelt.  WRONG!  “All pets in the cabin have to go under the seat.  You must buy one of our pet carriers.”  Okay, no problemo — send it onto the plane and I’ll make the switch.  So…what do they bring me for his JetBlue pet carrier?!  A SHERPA BAG!!!  And it was the exact one I’d been searching for but couldn’t find — black with royal blue trim!!!  It’s got sheepskin bedding, a shoulder strap, pockets for food and treats, and all the fabulous things a true travelin’ cat needs!!!  Oh, didn’t Rudy think he was just the Kimora Lee Simmons of the sky!!!  [Or, as my friend, Tommy D, said — Rudy thought he and the bag were the “cat’s meow”.  Please remember Tom said that…not me!]  All the businessmen sitting around me, who I could tell were a bit concerned about sitting next to the “Cat Lady”, all commented to me at the end of the flight about what a good traveler he is, and how cool and calm he is…yep, that’s my boy!  Rudy is a traveler! 

After the 5+ hour flight to Burbank we then had to rent the car, find our way out of Burbank to the 5-Freeway, drive 60 miles to Irvine (it’s my basecamp for Liz’s Southern California Adventure this weekend), find a grocery store so I could buy cat litter (food I had in my suitcase; cat litter wouldn’t fit), and check into the hotel — all before he would have the opportunity to go potty.  We had left the Alexandria apartment at 4 p.m. ET, and by the time we got checked into the hotel it was 12 midnight (3 a.m. ET).  What was the first thing he wanted?  FOOD! Sipping water or relieving water — not now, lady — I’M STAAAAARRRRRVVVVINNG!!!  GIMME THAT FISH PATE!!!  [Yep, that’s my boy!]  So all the concern was for naught — it’s Rudy The Travelin’ Cat — and he’s happy and healthy, and very excited to be back on the west coast!

So…changing gears (yep, not even an attempt at a segway, sorry for the whiplash)…leaving the government.  Hmmmm…  I’ve been pondering what to say… Should it be, “take this fukakta project and shove it up your ass — I’m outta here, suckahs!”  [No, although correct, not very nice.]   Should it be, “thanks for the memories”  [Gentler, to be sure, but Bob Hope owns that, so no.]  After much thought and deliberation…I think I’m going to say…NOTHING.  [My, how I’ve matured!…and yet by saying nothing it says so much…and it is absolutely the one singular word that can convey everything. Perfect!]  Yes, I took quite the circuitous route to get here, but I’m here now, and that’s what counts.  Why?  Because, all things considered, the only thing that matters today is RUDY IS A TRAVELER!!! 

And with that…I’m headin’ to the beach…because I, too, am a traveler, back in California, and ready to soak up the sun! 


[That’s a big smoochy kiss…I’ll use it frequently, so you’ll need to know it…and yes, kids, it will be on the test!]



  1. Liz, I think you need to start writing your memoir. Actually, if only Rudy could write, the stories……..

    Have a great trip and keep living life for everything it has to offer!

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