Posted by: cruiselladeliz | August 9, 2008

Hello from Anchorage!

Hello from Anchorage! 


Yes, I’ve made it to Alaska!  This past week has been crazy – last Saturday and Sunday I was driving around Southern California, Monday-Wednesday I was in Northern Wisconsin, Thursday and Friday I was back in DC, and now I’m in Alaska.  Woosh – my head is spinning!


I’m at the Coast International Inn…the same Coast group as those in Las Vegas.  It’s nothing like Vegas, though!  It’s more like a fishing camp, sitting right on the south shore of Lake Hook, and I hear seaplanes taking off.  Plus, it’s 55 degrees and raining.  But…I’m here…yeehaw!!!


I’ll send more later, but right now – since I’ve had about 12 hours of sleep in the past 3 days – I’m going to take a nap!



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